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Ingredients Benefits
Manjistha Its  anti bacterial,anti inflammatory,anti  oxidant and anti androgen properties helps in reducing inflammation and acne causing bacteria.
Helps  to cure hyper pigmentation,acne,freckles ,pimples and boils.
skin coolant and helps give pinkish glow to the skin on consistent use
Skin lightener
Licorice Treats discoloration of skin caus ed by sun damage and has natural sunscreen to block U.V RAYS…Skin smoothener
Arjuna Bark Treats  and prevents from skin damage caused by free radicals and improves skin elasticity and helps in the formation of new skin cells
Beetroot Even out skin tone, removes blemishes and increases natural glow on the skin
Hibiscus moisture balance on skin,gives youthful appearance
Rose petals Best for sensitive skin,acts as sun block and treats irritated skin  and soothes  inflammed skin
Avarampoo Even out skin tone,improves complexion and keeps skin free of scars,black spots .Provides a golden glow to the skin when used on consistent basis
White turmeric Anti inflammatory properties helps combat inflammation and  has naturally strong and mesmerising aroma
Acorus Calamus(Vasambu) Cures acne and pimple problems
Cucumber seeds Treats blemishes ,dark circles,soothes sunburn and reverses skin tanning ,rejuvenates skin  and treats open pores
pumpkin seeds moisture balance on skin,gives youthful appearance
Green Gram Best skin nourisher,exfoliator,removes dead skin cells  and gives a soft and smooth texture to the skin.Excellent skin cleanser
Masoor Dal Best cleanser,exfoliator,tighten pores,removes tan and softens the skin
Fenugreek Gives excellent glow to skin by revealing the brighter side of the skin
Directions : mix with water, rose water, milk, and honey or lemon and curd
can be used as a body bath or facewash  powder,face pack etc
Results Reduces tan, discolouration, hyperpigmentation, black spots, acne scars,melsma,psoriais and any skin problems
reveals brighter and pinkish glowing skin

100gm, 200gm


  1. Mehala Sarangan (verified owner)

    This product is really of great help for my daughter as she has sensitive skin. For years been trying out various herbal home made powders for her but nothing suited her skin instead started showing negative reactions but this one goes well with her skin and also shows very good result as the name goes by giving glow and adding suppleness to the skin. Thank you Shineherbs

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