About Us

We work hard to provide you the best quality unique Herbal products all time

Being a mom is a beautiful responsibility. Founder Soumya always wanted to provide the best out of bests to her kids like every mom’s dream. To make this into reality she volunteered & took a leap on creating her own crafts in the field of skincare, haircare and overall wellness.

With the inherited knowledge about herbs from grandma, traditional methods and a modest touch of unique formulas gave birth to “Shine Herbs”. Our age old practices are our treasure and no generation should miss this privilege is our intention.


Shine Herbs

Shine Herbs has over 50+ products that cater a wide range of skin and haircare needs. We have built a brand that strongly promotes minimal, honest, ayurveda inspired modern methods and holistic wellness. We envision Shine Herbs as a medium that gives everyone the confidence to flaunt their self and not to overdo and succumb to toxic beauty societal standards.

We will continue to bring our genuine formulations with the best quality herbal products that makes the selfcare process joyful. 

Come join hands and experience our products and reconnect with your inner-self.