Refund, Returns & Exchange policy

Last updated: 16/11/2020

You will get an immediate refund on the same day at certain conditions such as multiple payments or any additional payments paid mistakenly  based on your cancel request within the mentioned time in cancellation policy.

If you fail to intimate on mentioned time,  your order will be processed for multiple payment  as well as for duplicate orders too.  It takes usually around  5 working days to get a refund after getting the returns from your side.

In case of any other eligible reasons, such as package damage your money will be refunded within 3 to  5 working days. If your package damaged outside while receiving return it to the courier person and intimate us immediately for a refund or exchange. After receiving the damaged product we will refund or exchange based on the issue.  

If products received inside the package damaged or it’s a wrong product means, take a picture or video and intimate us immediately.  Soon return the damaged product within 48 hours. You will get the same product as soon as possible. We won’t collect any additional charges for that. If you choose a refund, you have to send the damaged product and you will get a refund after receiving the damaged product.

Exchange is applicable only  for a damaged package while receiving, products damaged inside the package and wrong products. Exchange will be done only after receiving the products mentioned for exchange

You will get a refund or exchange for the wrong product only if it has been received by us in the same condition as seen in the picture or video you provided without any damage

Unnecessary claims for refund,returns or exchange without any base should not be encouraged and never considered by us at any cost