Catato (Skin brightening cleanser)


100 gms

A combination of Carrot,Tomato and Potato along with Shea butter helps purifies and clarify the skin revealing your bright side.
Helps remove sun tan and fades away dark spots and pigmentation on consistent use

The soap is a perfect blend of carrots & potatoes.


  1. Carrot is a vegetable that is very rich in Vitamin A. This allows carrot to be an excellent ingredient for skincare products because it makes the skin fresh and even helps in releasing its toxins.
  2. The azelaic acid and cytokine found in potatoes inhibits pimple formation efficiently It cleanse pores, improve skin texture. It also helps to rejuvenate sun-exposed mature skin. Your skin will look radiant and youthful again . The beneficial azelaic acid compound in potatoes helps to lighten dark spots, reduce blemishes on the face, and gradually fade hyperpigmentation ✔This soap is rich in beta carotene and may even skin tone and act as a strong antioxidant ✔The soap is suitable for almost all skin types – use it along with our BODY BATH OIL for best results


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