100 gm

Mild foaming surfactant Try our all new floral based foaming cleanser with the 5 flower power benefits for that cleansed,nourished,hydrated and clear skin
Directions Take half a teaspoon of the flower power and mix it with water to lather and apply on to skin gently ,massage and wash off with water only to find the glowing skin naturally
always try to make a patch test before you try the product…..few may be allergic to any one particular flower which triggers the reaction.
Ingredients Benefits
Hibiscus Natural botox,removes fine lines,freckles due to ageing by increasing the cell turnover and works best on acne by reducing it
Rose petals Best for sensitive skin,acts as sun block and treats irritated skin  and soothes  inflammed skin
Avarampoo Even out skin tone,improves complexion and keeps skin free of scars,black spots .Provides a golden glow to the skin when used on consistent basis
Calendula Relieves skin from any rashness,redness,soothens eczema
White turmeric Anti inflammatory properties helps combat inflammation and  has naturally strong and mesmerising aroma
Chamomile improved and accelerated cell regeneration and helps reducing fine lines


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