Golden Dew Shots

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30 ml

Get rid of sun tans and hyper-pigmentation with this skin nourishing turmeric-based cleansing oil!

The key benefits of this skin illuminating oil are as follows:

1. The turmeric present in the Golden Dew Shots unclogs pores and removing skin infections

2. This thailam is enriched with the juices and extracts of Amla that helps in reducing the hyper pigmentation

3. The anti-bacterial properties of the thailam, controls the formation of pus which leads to the breakouts of acne or pimples.

4. Controls excess oil secretion without losing moisture

5. Cardamom in the Thailam, helps in maintaining the natural shine, glow and smoothness

6. Works on preventing acne and pimple breakouts

7. Udumbara, one of the key ingredient present in this Thailam, helps in balancing the aggravated Vata—the reason for excessive dryness

8. The cooling agents Sevya and Chandana, smoothens dry skin by aiding in hydration

9. Manjistha promotes skin detoxification

10. The Triphala group-Haritaki, Bibhitaka, Amalaki helps to control any negative impact on your skin



Take 4-5 drops of Golden Dew Shots, apply them evenly on your face and neck. Massage your face using your fingers in an upward direction. Let it sit on your face or skin for 15 mins – 30 mins and then wash off

NOTE: **In case, if your skin feels too oily & greasy, limit the usage to weekly once or twice **For dry skin, avoid clay based facial packs **Patch test recommended. Understand your skin type before trying out any product



Virgin Coconut Oil,
Rosehip Oil,
Curcuma Aromatica,
 Chamomile flowers,
Licorice extracts
 Improves skin texture
Works effectively on acne scars & dark spots on the skin
Nourishes skin & enhances complexion
Has anti-ageing properties that helps in providing golden glow by diminishing fine lines, wrinkles on the skin
Reveals brighter, radiantly clear & beautiful skin
Balances sebum secretion on the skin and helps control reoccurence of pimples and acne
✔To use,
Apply 3-4 drops of the Golden Dew Shots all over the skin morning or evening, gently massage for few seconds. Leave for 15-30 minutes. Then wash off. Use everyday for best result

1 review for Golden Dew Shots

  1. Mehala Sarangan

    Miracle oil for the skin. Gives the freshness and a kind of boost for the skin.

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