Herbal Shikakai Foaming hair cleanser


200+50 gm

Shine herb’s Shikakai powder is 100% Pure and Natural which is made by traditional methods from the high-quality ingredients without any chemicals

Ingredients: Shikakai, Reetha, Dried Amla, Kadukkai, Thandrikai, Asokabark, Aavarampoo, Rose petals, Magizhampoo, Hibiscus petals, Neem leaves, Athimathuram, Arappu, Dried thyme leaves, Karisilanganni, Black urad, Green gram, Flax seeds, Fenugreek, Karunjeeragam, Hibiscus leaves, Vetiver


Benefits: Reduces hair fall, Removes dirt, Prevents from premature greying of hair, Gives black sheen, Healthy scalp & hair, Cools hair, eyes, and scalp, Prevents from split ends and dandruff, Denser, thicker, longer and healthier hair on consistent usage


200gm, 500gm


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